Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving ... a little late

I have to admit I have been having so much fun enjoying all I have to be thankful for that I have put off blogging about it! My family descended on our new home a week ago, and everyone has yet to leave. Thankfully, we have been having so much fun that the time has flown by, and the kids and I are bummed that it all has to end this evening! Then, it is back to school and work, with just three short weeks until it all starts again.

I feel as though all I am thankful for this year is so obvious—a loving family, two sweet and happy kids, a job I enjoy and a new church in which all three of us feel so welcome. Then, there's all our new friends and the start of ski/snowboard season! Here is what others said around the table Thursday evening when we sat down to a HUGE spread:

I am thankful for:
  • God, family, friends, a good school and everything. JCH, 12 years
  • My family being together for thanksgiving, good health of everyone in the family and my church's development. JWT, 66 years
  • Love in our family, being together, new starts and being forgiven. BH, 42 years
  • Jesus, family, jobs, good health, being together, Maggie. LMH, 42 years
  • For spending this beautiful Thanksgiving with all my family, for good health, for God giving us this wonderful time together. NKT, 66 years
  • Family, friends, shelter, freedom of religion, food. JAH, 13 years
  • Family, friends, food, clothes, shelter, and that all of you are in my life! SNA, 9 years
  • Cars. CCA, 7 years
  • Everything. JNH, 9 years

I think that says it all!
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone (a little late).

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