Monday, April 4, 2011

I love vacation

I love vacation, even the vacations when I never leave town. I think it
has more to do with not having to work than visions of exotic locales.
I do like my job but, some days, the demands pile up and my patience
falls desperately short of the expectations. So, after a week of
feeling like the bug who loses to the windshield, we headed off to
sunny Arizona and Southern California for a week of being spoiled by my parents and time for the kids with their cousins.

We took in a spring training game. The Reds won.

We played at the beach.

And stayed to see the sun set.

We even visited Knott's Berry Farm, where my mom had been more than 50 years ago! We kept asking her if it looked familiar!
The time was much needed for all of us, and my previous stressful week was quickly forgotten (at least until I returned to work today). Time with family just makes it all worth it!

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