Monday, January 2, 2012

Inevitable change ... continued

Why is it I seem to find time to blog only when the clouds roll in and gloominess invades? Maybe because on the sunny, blue-sky days we are on the go—skiing, hiking, exploring!

What a whirlwind December it was! Between school and scout programs, church activities and ski lessons, our evenings and weekends have been packed. The kids took a series of skiing and ski boarding lessons that really paid off. In the last week, we managed to have some days on the mountain together and they were racing down the hill with me, hitting little trails through the trees. We even ventured into the terrain park for one run!

My boy is a daredevil on his board, and he was thrilled to tackle a small table/jump. He almost landed it! The down slope on the landing surprised him a little; he’ll get it next time. My girl switched to skis this year and is very happy with the change. She is flying past her brother, leading the way through the trees. It’s a big change from last year, when she boarded well but was a little fearful.

Work is ... work! The only constant is that change continues to occur and should just be accepted as fact. We continue to plan for our big move to our new space, but that appears to have been pushed back a few weeks or months. The space isn’t finished yet. One concern is that it was developed three or four years ago when we were much smaller. With the current floor plan, we will be short on exam rooms, so are attempting to creatively plan for this challenge. The space also appears to limit efficiency with provider offices segregated from the exam rooms. Technology may save us on this. There’s talk of tablets and more mobile computing.

I am sure more change will happen with the new year. It’s inevitable and, if you know me well, you know that change is something I don’t enjoy. My personal goal for the coming year is to embrace change better for the opportunity it provides. We will see how that works out!

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