Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I am having a hard time finding something exciting to write about. Somehow, life here has become routine. My big news: In two days, I am scheduled to leave here to start my vacation. Technically, we have hit the halfway mark of our tour, if you count the training time. It is hard to believe we are that far along. I remember the day I received the news I was headed for Afghanistan and how sad and scared I was. My greatest fear has always been being away from my husband and children—strange fear for a girl who has made her career in the Air Force—but this has definitely broken me of that. I miss them terribly but I am adapting to this odd world and the quirks of my team.

Other than living in a war zone and experiencing the stressors that come with that, the issue currently bothering me most is the mice. We have mice in our office, and last night one ran into the room where I sleep. I know they really are not a threat, but every time one scurries by I yelp and sometimes even scream. Apparently, as new buildings go up on the base, the mice are being forced out of their “natural habitat” and coming to find homes with us. And the only option for extermination is sticky traps.

If you’ve never seen these, they are thick paper with lots of sticky glue. The theory is that the mouse will run through the trap, get stuck and you can dispose of it. Problem is, they are alive when they get stuck and someone has to put them out of their misery. Needless to say, my Army training has not instilled a killer instinct in me, and the whole concept makes me a little squeamish. But which is worse: living with mice in your room or calling someone to dispose of one stuck to the trap? I pick the trap! Too bad we are not allowed to keep pets or unit mascots. I would find a cat.

I am very much looking forward to a two-week break from Afghanistan. Nate is meeting me in Germany, and we plan to relax, tour around and sample beer. The kids get the benefit of two uninterrupted weeks with their grandparents and are looking forward to being spoiled. Yes, I am still feeling a bit guilty about not coming home to see them but, as I have said before, I just can’t bear the thought of saying goodbye to them again. The next time I see them, I want to be home to stay! I will try to write while we are traveling and update you on our adventures. I have never been to Europe and am looking forward to the rest.
Added 10 October from Kuwait - guess what!! I came into my transient tent while heading to Germany to find a - guess what - MOUSE on my bed!!! He had been in my backpack and eaten at my granola bars!! GROSS! They seem to be following me. Hope the hotel is safe!

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