Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Our vacation in Germany, Day 3

The view from our room in Germany, Sunday

The view from our room in Germany, Wednesday

I am not afraid of a little snow. I like to ski, enjoy making snowmen and honestly like cozy warm sweaters and curling up by a crackling fire. What I don't really like is unplanned snow while on vacation. I am not here to ski and, without our kids, making a snowman just seems odd, but we are attempting to make the best of it by drinking our way across Bavaria.

For both of us, our travel here was essentially uneventful. My trip from the air base in Kuwait to the airport is a post in itself, which I will save for another day! And my fear of negotiating the Munich train system alone was unfounded, although it would have been much more daunting without two years of riding the DC Metro! I managed to find the right train, change trains mid-trip and even find a taxi to the hotel! Very impressive when you realize my only trip outside the U.S. (prior to the all-expenses-paid trip to Afghanistan) was to the British Virgin Islands!
Yesterday, we visited a really cool cheese factory where, after watching the obligatory video, we ate cheese and drank beer. We then toured an amazing monastery (built in the 1300s) that is now famous for its yummy liquor and beer. It is also a boarding school. Can you imagine sending your little ones off to school at a monastery/brewery?

Today, we awoke to the scene above and decided to press on with our original plan to hike to a "halfway house" that our guide from yesterday had told us about. It was a quaint little restaurant midway up the hill and across the valley from our hotel. We hiked—straight up—for a couple of hours and were rewarded by a beautiful view of the snowcapped peaks. After a couple of beers, we hiked on to some ruins and back to town.

We are currently resting up for dinner, watching the clouds play across the mountains (pictured above) with some intermittent snowflakes swirling down. Not a bad escape from the craziness that is Afghanistan.

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  1. An adventure you'll remember for a lifetime. You deserve the break. Enjoy.

  2. Thinking of you and praying for you and your family.

    The Garden Church
    Franklin, IN