Saturday, June 20, 2009

Home sweet home!!

Finally, the nearly three months of training in Indiana are over, and I am home for a much needed break from reality. The kids are stuck like glue—that's them above—and I am loving it! We have so far spent time at the pool, enjoyed catching up with each other and with friends, and eaten a wonderful curry dinner. Nate planned a spa day for me on my first day home: hot rock massage, nails, hair; quite the pampering for an amateur soldier! It gets better! Tomorrow, we head for San Antonio for a few days of seeing more friends, SeaWorld and the chance to make more memories to carry us through the next nine months. Forgive me if the posts are few and far between this next week. I plan to spend it stuck to my family and dread the pain when they peel me off for the flight back to Indiana next week.
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  1. Oh, sigh. Inhale their scent! Look how big they're getting! Hope you have a great week, Lori. We'll be thinking of you!

  2. Holy cow! Cam looks just like Miles!