Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Shameless plugs

Believe it or not, I have managed to find some free time while at home this last week, and I am finally getting to some blog work I had wanted to do from the beginning. Since starting this journey, I have been meaning to explain the blogs I follow (see right side of page).

My good friend, Meg, started my whole interest in blogs with her site, "Soup is Not a Finger Food." She is an amazing writer and has a hysterical outlook on raising three boys in the DC suburbs. Her posts are usually humorous and, if they aren't, they leave you thinking. Thank you, Megster, for all the blog support and your friendship!

Next in the line-up is "Drifter Sends," a newly created blog by one of the soldiers I will be deploying with. This career Army officer has spent two tours in Iraq and will be our operations officer in Afghanistan. He lends a ton of experience to our group but admits this deployment is different, because of our unique mission, and he will be leaving his young son for the first time.

The "Accidental Soldier" is a member of the team that is currently in Afghanistan, which we will be replacing next month. Felipe's posts are a great way to see what that team has accomplished, and they provide a window into what we will be doing for the next nine months.

The final blog in my list is "Waariya"—actually a Web page and blog started by the public affairs officer in our group. Darrick is an accomplished writer and former Marine who will be very busy helping to get the message out to the public about our mission. He does great daily posts and will provide another perspective on our mission in Afghanistan.

Finally, I can't say enough about the Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International, This is the organization that started this whole blog ball rolling (Thanks, Rach!). They provide an editor for my posts (Thanks, Jim!) and even helped with the banner artwork. I never would have embarked on this journey without all the support Sigma provides.

There, enough of the shameless plugs. I am off to be the mommy for a few more days, relishing this world before returning to my life as a soldier.

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  1. Thanks for the shameless plug! It's nice to have company out here in the blogosphere.